Offline and Online Fast Money Loans

If you’ve already maxed your card limit and you are caught in a situation wherein you will need fast money, your best option would be to get money online. How would you do this? You can use the bettered cash advance services offered by web-based lenders.

What Are Cash Advances?

Traditionally, cash advances are financial schemes wherein you can get to withdraw fast money a few days before your payday. The transaction used to be between you and your card issuer. But such a setup was restricted in two areas: the scope of potential users and the maximum fast money that can be withdrawn.

Since the old school cash advance transactions were only available to card holders, it limits the potential users of the fast money service. Note that not everyone has a credit card because not everyone has a credit history. Getting a credit card entails that you don’t have bad credit and that’s already a difficult-to-achieve requirement given the state of today’s economy.

Next, the maximum amount of fast money that can be withdrawn as cash advance is dictated by your issuer. It won’t matter what your salary is because if your issuer says this is your limit, then this really is your limit.

What Are Bettered Cash Advance Services?

Bettered cash advance service providers took to heart the limitations noted about traditional fast money services via credit cards. So instead of just offering quick money online services for those with existing credit cards, they extended the service to those who don’t.

Instead of an active credit card, you will only be required to submit some easy-to-locate requirements like a proof of employment, a proof of US citizenship, a proof of age (at least 18 years old), a copy of an active bank account and a duly accomplished application form.

No credit check is required so it won’t matter if you have bad credit or not. However, you need to make sure that you will still have at least 50% of your salary left after paying back your cash advance loan. This will ensure that the fast money service that you’ve enjoyed will not dig a hole in your pocket soon.

With regard to the second mentioned limitation of traditional cash advance services, online lenders now offer a variable maximum loanable amount. The amount that you can borrow will depend on how much you’re getting, with a maximum of $1,500. However, the maximum amount may increase upon repeat loans, granted that you’ve established a good track record.

So if you’ve had issues with the old process of cash advance services, feel free to try the bettered ones to get fast money.